Texas Jobs

Texas Unemployment Benefits Estimator

The Texas Workforce Commission provides a Texas unemployment benefits estimator that is very accurate and will give you a clear idea of how much you can expect to receive while you are unemployed. Note that your unemployment benefits payment will be based largely on the wages you earned during previous work periods, and the estimator provides information based on data you input. You must accurately input your wage data from past time periods in order to get an accurate estimate of your unemployment benefits. You can access to the tool directly online here. This page - Calculadora de beneficios de desempleo - is also available in Spanish here.

IRS Form 1099-G

The IRS Form 1099-G is important for reporting the amount of unemployment benefits you received in a previous year. You can check your IRS 1099-G information here.

Check the Status of Your Claim or Appeal

If you have applied for Texas unemployment benefits and wish to check the status of your claim, you can use this tutorial to determine how to do so. This tutorial is very useful for those unfamiliar with the TWC online system, and the tutorial will show you how to use the online system to check the status of your unemployment insurance claim (along with payment history), any important messages regarding your claim and the status of your payment, and a summary and detailed information of your claim status, payments made, deductions, any overpayments, and claim decisions.

Likewise, if you would like to check the status of an appeal of an unemployment decision by the TWC, you can use this tutorial to learn how to do so. The tutorial will include information on finding a list of the most current appeals you've made, by date, the status of your unemployment benefits appeal, and a decision summary and complete rulings that have been made by the Appeal Tribunal or Commission Appeals.