• Learn About Unemployment Benefits and Eligibility in Texas

    If you've lost your job and live in Texas, you may be eligible to receive unemployment benefits. To find out about unemployment eligibility requirements, how to apply online, the dollar amount of your likely Texas unemployment benefits, and to locate local unemployment offices, Texas Unemployment presents all the relevant information, along with information and applications for other government assistance programs for those who need help getting back on their feet.

Unemployment Benefits Job Search Disability Eligibility
unemployment assistance

Unemployment Benefits

Learn about unemployment benefits in Texas, eligibility requirements, locations of your local unemployment office, and how to apply for unemployment.

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job search

Job Search

If you've lost your job and are seeking a new employment opportunity, use our Texas job search feature to find local jobs that meet your skills and financial needs.

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disability assistance

Disability Benefits

In many instances, those who are unemployed are not able to work because of a disability - find out how to determine eligibility and apply for disability benefits in Texas.

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Unemployment Offices and Applications

If you are currently unemployed and are seeking more information about Texas unemployment benefits, this website will provide you with much of the information and assistance you will require to fully understand Texas's unemployment insurance program, complete and submit the relevant unemployment application, and know with reasonable certainty whether you are eligible to receive unemployment assistance through the Texas program. You will also be able to determine the amount of your likely benefits, a helpful figure for emergency budgeting during a period of unemployment. Also offered is a great deal of information about identifying and applying for Texas jobs, offering employment opportunities that are often overlooked by those who are frustrated by their employment situation or who require assistance with job training and the overall job search process. There are also a variety of government assistance programs that are relevant for those who have become unemployed in Texas, including disability benefits - applicable for those who are unable to work due to a mental or physical disability - and various other assistance programs designed to help those with short term needs remain afloat financially. These include housing assistance, energy affordability programs, and assistance with providing nourishment for children and adults. Please use the website to answer the many questions you have about the Texas unemployment program, along with other benefits and assistance offerings available throughout Texas.