Texas Jobs

Keep Your Unemployment Eligibility

It is extremely important to continuously track your efforts to seek gainful employment. The Texas Workforce Commission requires that you continue to actively seek employment in order to continue to receive your unemployment insurance benefits from the state's fund. The TWC may request a log of your job search efforts at any point during your benefit year. If the Commission cannot verify that you have been searching for work during this time, you may become ineligible for Texas unemployment benefits.

Work Search Log Information

A number of questions typically arise from those receiving unemployment benefits through the state of Texas via the Texas Workforce Commission. We've tried to identify those that occur most often and answer these questions so you can continue to receive your benefits. For your convenience, the TWC offers a PDF version of their recommended work search log online.

What information should I provide to prove I have been searching for work?

By using the provided TWC work search log, linked to above, you will have offered all of the information necessary to prove you have been searching for work.

Are a certain number of work search activities required for each week?

Form BI1940, the "Work Search Notification form," contained the minimum number of search activities that are required each week. You will receive this form from TWC upon filing your initial claim for Texas unemployment benefits.

What will happen if I fail to meet the minimum number of work search activities for a given week?

You are not eligible to receive benefits from the Texas unemployment insurance fund for any week during which you do not meet this minimum requirement.

What are considered legitimate or acceptable "work search activities"?

The following are considered acceptable work search activities (this is not a comprehensive list):

  • Registering for work with the TWC
  • Completing a job application online or in person with employers expected to have openings for work suitable to your skill set
  • Mailing a job application or resume to a public job listing
  • Interviewing with a potential employer by phone or in person
  • Registering with employment agencies or job placement services