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Dallas Disability Offices - SSA Offices

If you are disabled and unable to work as a result of your physical or mental impairment, you may qualify for Texas disability benefits. Social Security disability is an entitlement offered by the Social Security Administration. The state of Texas, in conjunction with SSA, administers the national disability benefits program. There are eligibility requirements to receive disability benefits, including (but not limited to), a demonstrable disability that severely limits your ability to perform work duties, liklihood that the disability will be long-term, and sufficient payments into the SSA program - the latter requirement is met by receiving wages and paying into the Social Security fund for a minimum period of time. The offices noted below are for those living in or near Dallas. Other offices are located throughout the state and are conveniently placed in most of Texas' urban areas, as well as many suburban and rural areas.

To apply for disability benefits, or to determine if you are eligible to receive benefits, you may contact SSA directly or visit one of the Dallas disability determination offices below:

  • Office 851: 3231 MLK Jr. Blvd., Dallas, TX 75210
  • Office 854:1050 NW Moreland Rd., Dallas, TX 75211
  • Office E64:10325 Lake June Rd., Dallas, TX 75217
  • Office 814:10600 Steppington Dr., Dallas, TX 75230
  • Office 853:7220 SW Moreland Rd., Dallas, TX 75237

Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

When applying for disability benefits, you will want to ensure that you meet the requirements for receiving these benefits. If in doubt, visit the Social Security Administration website to learn more about the process of applying and the eligibility requirements that Texas' disability determination personnel will use to determine your suitability for payments.