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Texas Unemployment Eligibility

Though the eligibility requirements to receive unemployment benefits in Texas are not unnecessarily stringent, there are some things you'll need to know in order to successfully receive Texas unemployment benefits if you're out of work. Briefly, the four primary requirements are that you are able to work, you are available to work, you are searching for work, and you have registered for work. We'll go into each of these in a bit more detail below.

Eligibility Determination

Texas unemployment eligibility is determined by the Texas Workforce Commission, or TWC. The Commission will make a determination of eligibility based on these factors:

Ability to Work

Unemployment benefits are not for those who are disabled and unable to work as a result. Such individuals should instead seek to apply for Social Security disability benefits. In order to be considered able to work, you must have the physical endurance and mental ability to perform suitable work, i.e. - work for which you are qualified and can learn to perform without an undue burden on an employer.

Available to Work

You must be available to work full time in order to apply for and receive unemployment benefits. To meet this requirement, you must possess adequate transportation, have childcare arrangements in place (as necessary), be readily available for interviews, be willing to work during all of the days and hours that would be required of you for the type of working you are seeking, and be willing to accept the market rate of pay for the position to which you are applying.

Searching for Work

You must regularly search for employment opportunities to be considered eligible to receive unemployment benefits in Texas. Keeping a record of your activities in the form of a work search log is necessary in order to meet this requirement. You must seek, and accept, suitable work. For the first eight weeks of your unemployment, this means considering positions that pay at least 90% of your normal wages, as determined by your past work experience, but not less than the state minimum wage, which is currently $7.25 per hour.

Register for Work

You must register for work within three business days of applying for benefits in order to be eligible for and to receive benefits. You must register for a user id and password at Work in Texas to register.